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Looking for Art Exhibition Space?

Art galleries can be used for much more than art. These inspiring spaces are perfect for creative teams looking for photoshoot locations, sets for film productions, or small gatherings. Because these galleries are left with ample wall space, you can mold the space to fit your event, making these showrooms the ideal venues. Even the lighting can be adjusted as needed, whether making your own art display or taking photos of a product.

It can be home to you for a nominal rental fee for:

  •  Parties of up to 50

  •  A music or art class or classes

  •  A seminar(s)

  •  An organizational meeting(s)

  •  A book club meeting location                                                                                                                             

Space can be rented for a weekly, monthly or one time fee. There is an art gallery and movie museum, along with seating space for 50, an available kitchen.

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